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Philippine Jeepney

Philippine Jeepney




Public Holidays

(P) - Philippine holiday
(S) - Switzerland holiday observed in the Canton of Berne in Switzerland, holiday
        except 01 August are defined on a cantonal basis
(P,S) - Philippine and Switzerland holiday

 01 January -  New Year (P,S)
 02 January -  St. Berchtold's Day (S)
 25 February - People Power Aniversary (P)
 March or April - Maundy Thursday, movable date (P)
 March or April - Good Friday, movable date (P,S)
 March or April - Easter, movable date (P)
 09 April - Araw Ng Kagitingan (P)
 01 May - Labor Day (P)
 May or June - Ascension Day; 40 days after Easter (S)
 May or June - Pentecost; 50 days after Easter (S)
 May or June - White Monday; Monday after Pentecost (S)
 12 June - Philippine Independence Day (P)
 01 August - Founding of Swiss Confederation (S)
 21 August * - Ninoy Aquino Day (P)
 August Last Sunday - National Heroes Day (P)
 September - Federal Day of Prayer, 3rd Sunday (S)
 September, October, November or December - Eid ul-Fitr, movable date (P)
 01 November - All Saints Day (P)
 02 November - All Souls Day (P)
 30 November - Bonifacio Day (P)
 25 December - Christmas Day (P,S)
 26 December - Boxing Day (S)
 30 December - Rizal Day (P)
 31 December - End of Fiscal Year (P) 

        * Upon the discretion of the President


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