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Ambassador Leslie J. Baja speaking before the Filipino community in Geneva.

Ambassador Baja (center) with Sr. Merlyn Arsolon ( 2nd from left) and 
Labor Attaché Manuel Imson (far right)

Filipinos in Geneva welcome Ambassador Baja

4 March 2012- Philippine Ambassador to Switzerland Leslie Baja met with the Filipino community in Geneva on Sunday, 04 March 2012, upon the latter’s invitation. The event, which was attended by more than fifty Filipino parishioners and some members of Filipino religious groups, was held at the social hall of Pope John XXIII Parish in Geneva.

The visit was also part of the Embassy’s outreach activities to connect with various Filipino organizations across Switzerland.

Addressing the gathering, Ambassador Baja said, “I’ve learned early on that the best way to connect with the Filipino community is through the church. Whenever a Filipino goes, he brings with him his faith.”

Ambassador Baja congratulated the Filipinos for being one of the most respected migrant communities in Switzerland. He encouraged them to continue working together in unity and thanked them for their consistent generosity in helping the less fortunate in the Philippines.
He reminded them that the Philippine Mission in Geneva and the Office of the Labor Attaché are always ready to extend their assistance whenever needed. He added, “Since we are all part of the Filipino community in Switzerland, the doors of the Philippine Embassy in Berne are also always open to extend assistance to Filipinos in Geneva.”

“If we are all able to work together, we can do things better, for ourselves and for our country,” concluded Ambassador Baja.
The event, which was organized by Sr. Merlyn Arsolon of the Congregation of Workers of the Christ Worker (WCW), came after the first Sunday mass at the Pope John XXIII Parish.  Accompanying Ambassador Baja at the meeting were Consuls Lilibeth Pono and Ma Theresa Lazaro and Labor Attache Manuel Imson.

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