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(L-R) Ambassador Leslie J. Baja, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Beat Nobs,
Filipino Painter Mr. Manuel Baldemor and, Federal Office of Culture Director Mr. Jean-Frederic Jauslin

(Left photo) Guest of Honor Federal Office of Culture Director Mr. Jean-Frederic Jauslin
during his opening remarks.
(Right photo)The Philippine Embassy’s guests enjoy Baldemor’s artworks at the Art Place 88 gallery.

Philippine Embassy in Berne celebrates 150th anniversary of Philippine-Swiss relations through an exhibit by Manny Baldemor

As part of the continuing celebration this year of the 150th anniversary of Philippines-Switzerland relations, the Philippine Embassy in Berne opened an exhibition by Filipino artist Manuel Baldemor on 03 July at Artplace88 in Berne.  Entitled “Images of My Homeland and Switzerland”, the exhibit will run until 15 July. 

The exhibit was officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Ambassador Beat Nobs, Assistant Secretary of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Manuel Baldemor, Ambassador Leslie Baja and Dr. Jean-Frederic Jauslin, Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

“Manuel Baldemor’s exhibit is an expression of our appreciation for the long-standing ties we have with Switzerland. The exhibit reflects our healthy cultural ties with Switzerland, which we hope to further strengthen in the coming years,” said Ambassador Baja.

“Most of the artworks exhibited today echo Mr. Baldemor’s fond memories of Switzerland when he was an artist-in-residence in Basel in 1994. The affinity that he had developed with the country during his sojourn in Basel comes out in his paintings,” added Ambassador Baja.

Dr. Jauslin, in his remarks, talked about the importance of culture in promoting and advancing promotion of relations between countries and peoples.

“Culture is one of the most important topics that countries can talk about. Mr. Baldemor’s role as a cultural ambassador of the Philippines will surely help provide a better cultural understanding between our two countries,” said Dr. Jauslin.

The exhibit was attended by members of the diplomatic community, Swiss officials and members of the Filipino-Swiss community in Switzerland.

The exhibit is the Philippine Embassy’s counterpart exhibit to the one, also by Mr. Baldemor, organized by the Swiss Embassy in Manila in celebration the two countries’ 150th anniversary of relations. END

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