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Embassy intensifies outreach to all Filipinos in Switzerland

Ambassador Leslie J. Baja meets with the Filipino community leaders and
 members at the Philippine Embassy in Berne.

Ambassador Baja and family with Filipino and Swiss nuns of the Seraphic Love Solothurn.

Ambassador Baja and Consul Lillibeth Pono with Bishop Charles Morerod of Fribourg and
Filipino nuns of the Congregation of Workers of the Christ the Worker (WCW) in Fribourg

The Philippine Embassy in Berne headed by Ambassador Leslie J. Baja started 2012 with a general meeting of Filipino leaders in Switzerland on 14 January.  A total of seventy Filipino community leaders and representatives attended the meeting which was the biggest gathering in recent memory.

Ambassador Baja exhorted the Filipinos to participate in the preparations for the Philippine Independence Day celebration on June 9 in Berne.  The Embassy is encouraging a single Switzerland-wide celebration so that all Filipinos can celebrate Independence Day together, a practice done in the past.

The meeting also discussed the ongoing OAV registration, the 2012 CFO Presidential Awards for overseas Filipinos, the ongoing census of Filipinos in Switzerland and other concerns of Filipinos in Switzerland.

Earlier in the week, Ambassador Baja led Embassy personnel in visiting the eleven Filipino nuns of the Seraphic Love Solothurn (SLS).  The nuns are engaged in providing spiritual and psychological needs of Filipinos in Switzerland and run various activities in the Philippines especially in Cebu.

The Embassy also visited the three Filipino nuns of the Congregation of Workers of the Christ the Worker (WCW) in Fribourg.  The WCW nuns are also engaged in helping the Filipinos in Switzerland and the sick and the aged.  Ambassador Baja also met with Bishop Charles Morerod of Fribourg who supervises the WCW nuns.

The Embassy also has scheduled meetings with Filipina au pairs in Switzerland this month and will attend the Sto. Niño celebrations of the Philippine Catholic Mission Switzerland on 28 January.

Switzerland is home to approximately 10,000 Filipinos mostly working in international organizations and in the health sector.  In general, Filipino workers in Switzerland enjoy satisfactory working conditions and terms of employment. 

Current News
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