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Ambassador Baja with Mrs Baumann posing by the Theresa Ladeli tarpaulins

Swiss NGO continues 21 years of engagement with PH

Theresa Laedeli (little store), a Swiss NGO headed by Swiss nurse Monika Baumann, has been helping needy people from Davao, Bukidnon and Cotobato for the last 21 years in the field of health and education. 

After participating in an immersion program for six weeks in 1991 with fisher folks from Mindanao, she initiated a fund raising project for Christians, Muslims and Lumads in Mindanao.  She solicited used household goods and items and sold it in her Theresa Laedeli, named after Mother Theresa.  Proceeds from the sale are sent to the Philippines through counterpart organizations like the Mindanao Interfaith Services Foundation and the Urban Integrated Health Services in Davao.

In 2012, over CHF 148,000 (P6.5m) were raised for Theresa Laedeli’s various programs which now include 12 schools and 4 pharmacies in Davao and Cotobato.

In recognition of its programs in the Philippines, the Banaag Award of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas Presidential Awards for Filipinos and Private Organizations overseas was conferred on Theresa Laedeli in 2000.

Through the years, the Philippine Embassy in Berne led by Ambassador Leslie Baja has been linking up with Mrs Baumann and the Theresa Laedeli in order for the NGO to be able to continue its programs in the Philippines.

Current News
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