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Philippine Embassy in Berne opens registration for overseas voting

The Philippine Embassy in Berne opened on 06 May the registration for overseas voting, welcoming Filipinos who wish to register as overseas voter so they can vote during the 2016 and subsequent Philippine national elections.

The overseas voting registration, which runs from 6th May 2014 to 31st October 2015, gives Filipinos overseas the chance to exercise their right of suffrage and participate in the decision-making process in the Philippines by enabling them to vote for President, Vice President, Senators and Party-List Representatives. 

On the first day of voting, two (2) Filipinos applied for registration as overseas voters at the Embassy.  

Overseas voting was enacted into law in the Philippines in 2003, as Republic Act No. 9189, giving the millions of Filipinos living and working abroad the opportunity to participate in the electoral process in the country without being physically present to cast their votes. The law also allowed Filipinos who have acquired dual citizenship to vote for national public officials in the Philippines.

Recently, the law was amended by Republic Act No. 10590 liberalizing the overseas voting registration by removing the Affidavit of Intent to Return, which was requested previously from overseas voters. The affidavit required immigrants to return to the Philippines not later than three (3) years from approval of his/her registration as overseas voter. Said provision discouraged Filipinos overseas to register, hence it was repealed by the new law. END

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